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This blog will from this point forward be turned over to my independent study project (see the CURRENTLY page tab) and posts will be dedicated to collecting information, hosting artwork, etc etc.

Written work will henceforth take place on RUNNING AWAY SOUTH. Enjoy!


I’m one of 250?!

So, making it to Charlie Sheen’s round 3 was pretty cool – equally as cool as finding out that I’m one of only 250 people left in the running to be his intern, which is pretty substantial considering that there was originally 74,000 applicants.

Watch the video and wish me luck.

Round 3

I made it. I made a video. I’m so curious to see how far I can go.

Myself & Haiku

My future brought to you by a random haiku generator, and myself brought to you by highlighters, pen, and my hand:

hotly slumbering
sorcerer marvels, poet
smears piously, rich

I think this is a good omen for my interning future as well as the naps I’m hoping to see on my horizon. God, I love napping.

For those keeping up with the scores, this falls under both ‘sometimes cool’ and ‘mostly lame.’


Did I happen to apply to be Charlie Sheen’s intern and just receive and e-mail saying that I moved on to round 2?


Wups, I think I did.


#winning and ready.

Spiders just want to zoom zoom.


Big A-plus on that caption and overall excellent reporting. I’m not even sure how to react to this, except that if I ever bought a spider-infested car, I would probably have a heart attack – though maybe not quite as badly as the one the one the spiders would have. Wups.