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This blog will from this point forward be turned over to my independent study project (see the CURRENTLY page tab) and posts will be dedicated to collecting information, hosting artwork, etc etc.

Written work will henceforth take place on RUNNING AWAY SOUTH. Enjoy!


College Education?

My life is rapidly getting more ridiculous by the moment. (Which is probably another stepping stone on my path to a paid internship.) The important part about this certain level of ridiculousness, however, is that I was recently able to compare this:

To this:

Let’s hear it for Limnology, folks. (And who said Art School wasn’t a real education?)

Myself & Haiku

My future brought to you by a random haiku generator, and myself brought to you by highlighters, pen, and my hand:

hotly slumbering
sorcerer marvels, poet
smears piously, rich

I think this is a good omen for my interning future as well as the naps I’m hoping to see on my horizon. God, I love napping.

For those keeping up with the scores, this falls under both ‘sometimes cool’ and ‘mostly lame.’