Sometimes, NOW. [Current Project]

For the next few months or so, this blog will be taken over [almost] entirely to an Independent Study that I’ll be working on probably until I graduate in Spring 2012.

The basis of the project is to explore social media and see how it has changed our society and how traditional fine art can find a way to fit into a world that is rapidly becoming technology-centric, as well as rapidly losing its skills for analysis. More and more, people today are more interested in what they can fit into 140 characters, what cultural tells them to do, or the images of people or things portrayed by social media, television, and advertising. Today, we are connected in ways that we have never been connected before: some of those connections are good and some of them are questionable, but all of them are affecting our image as well as our interactions.

I will be analyzing sources of information to try to inform my work and then will be producing a body of non traditional portraits based off of social and new media: portraits of people, things, and society and how they have changed and now exist in contemporary society. Enjoy.


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