College Education?

My life is rapidly getting more ridiculous by the moment. (Which is probably another stepping stone on my path to a paid internship.) The important part about this certain level of ridiculousness, however, is that I was recently able to compare this:

To this:

Let’s hear it for Limnology, folks. (And who said Art School wasn’t a real education?)



At least highschool me had good taste.

What the hell is this?

Remember when everyone you knew was really emo and wrote in a livejournal all the time? (Was that just me?) Well whatever – I logged into mine for the first time in literally forever and I was going back through old things and I found this post that is SO emo and apathetic, but I literally have no memory of what or who it was about. Crazy.

Are all of the apathetic teenage years going to fade like that?

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Myself & Haiku

My future brought to you by a random haiku generator, and myself brought to you by highlighters, pen, and my hand:

hotly slumbering
sorcerer marvels, poet
smears piously, rich

I think this is a good omen for my interning future as well as the naps I’m hoping to see on my horizon. God, I love napping.

For those keeping up with the scores, this falls under both ‘sometimes cool’ and ‘mostly lame.’


Did I happen to apply to be Charlie Sheen’s intern and just receive and e-mail saying that I moved on to round 2?


Wups, I think I did.


#winning and ready.

If Only… (pt.2)

If I had a T-Rex, I would use it to chase Scott Walker all the time.

If Only….

If I had a segway, I would use it to chase mall walkers all the time.