Love & Text

In the midst of a really, really bad god awful Monday, I remembered that I love, and boy oh boy am I glad I did; they really made me feel a lot better. Well, fleetingly a little better, but the point is, I really identify with this sign. Major props to the artist who was posting these up, even if it is a little soap-boxy, because I definitely do that all the god damn time. Really. I’m awful at it. I hate being places alone, and I hate even more looking like I’m alone, so I play with my phone. For what reason? I’m not sure. Maybe to let other people know that I have friends?

It seems like a weird catch-22, because in reality, our society spends a lot of time alone. Even when we’re together – internet, phone call, text, whatever – we’re alone. So why do we care so much that it’s happening? Maybe we’re all just trying to connect to something.


5 responses to “Love & Text

  1. i should’ve probably mentioned that ‘jiggling hand held device’ is the most important thing i’ve read all day, as well.

  2. This was a great intro-post to my probably obsessive following of your blog. I, also, strongly identify with this sign. As I’m sure 99.03% of the populous does. Whether they observe it, or do it themselves. That other .97% of people are hoarders with mental problems.

    I love you and I look forward to being blogging-besties!
    Your link is posted on my page :)

  3. Hay girl haaaay,

    followed you over here. Thanks for the too sweet comment on zee TFA blog. I am a human as well as a teacher, and just from reading two of your entries here I think I am a human that would get along alarmingly well with you.
    I also have a BFA, mine’s in graphic design, and a minor in writing (as well as business). Have definitely thought about a MFA in writing or art and am intending to take art classes in Little Rock next year. :)

    I love this photo and your seemingly frequent (of these two posts I’ve read) reference to entertaining things. I have a tumblr ( that is more human than the TFA blog, too.

    If you have any direct questions about TFA or the Delta, feel free to email me (! I’d love to be in touch and answer anything I can. :)


    • Oh geez, thank you so much! I just opened your tumblr – the colors are great – and we might definitely have to become e-friends. I really appreciate you coming over to this lil’ ol’ blog to leave a comment. =)

      I might definitely be in touch with TFA questions sometime in the near future; I feel like I got way over excited way too soon! I’ve been obsessively reading blogs on Teachforus and wishing it was August already so that I could just apply already. Once that time rolls around, you can definitely, definitely expect some e-mails from me ( rolling into your inbox.

      Until then, thank you so so much for offering your support and good luck with the rest of your school year! I’m sure it’ll go great. See you around the internet!

      -Courtney (Cx2)

  4. Wonderful sign :) And that’s so true, people are spending a lot of time with their cellphones, especially when one don’t want to say hello to someone…


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