…and they lived tweetably ever after.

A boring night at work led me to reading back logged ‘Freshly Pressed’ articles, which was maybe a huge blessing in disguise because I stumbled upon Maggiecake’s great entry about social media and storytelling. She references this great article about the potential for telling stories over social media and technology.

I think both are totally fascinating. In addition to my BFA in Drawing, I’m also pursuing a Writing Minor and I intend to (eventually) get my MFA in Creative Writing (or something similar). To be perfectly honest, I really never thought of social media as an outlet for telling anything other than my story – which I guess is kind of selfish but maybe also just a marker of my generation.

I think that story telling and technology are still totally possible. In my book arts class, we’ve talked about how digital books can be made in InDesign or compiled through many other design programs. Recently, the very talented Danielle Rosen presented a website as a book to play with the use of language. All of that aside, social media itself is driven by narrative; our lives are driven by narrative. Whether you realize it or not, every status update compiles into a greater story. All that’s missing is a greater intent.

I would love to see someone compile tweets or facebook status updates to create a memoir or autobiography. It would also be pretty great to start a fiction story via something like tweets – where you can tag people – and tag the next person to continue your story. They tag the next person, they tag the next person, so on and so forth until you’ve all created a vast narrative that spans the internet. That’s something that I want to see.

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