Long time, no bite.

I’m so bad at blogging, but it’s not like anything new has happened, anyway. Well, aside from the fact that revisiting my childhood via cartoons and smoothies has reminded me of my first childhood fear: being eaten (which I think is called phagophobia). Not just by anything, by creepy things. Especially creepy things that can talk to you about their desire to eat you. Maybe that’s why I’m a vegetarian? Anyway, I think, although I can’t be perfectly sure, that the fear started when my mom had me watch The Hobbit cartoon and I was exposed to this:

Fucking. Awful. Today, however, my fear continues with a deathly, deathly fear of Leopard Seals. Not scared of leopard seals? Look them up. Among their many hobbies (some of which include stalking humans and pulling them off the ice), they enjoy shaking the flesh off of penguins for sport. Yeah, couldn’t make it up if I tried.

Enjoy the nightmares, bitches.


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