Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Jesus Christ is all I have to say about this latest paranoia. You can find the whole article on the smallest terrorists to ever warrant attention from the capital here.

“Representative Butterfield agreed, saying that the bed bug threat “not only jeopardizes public health and safety, but also threatens commerce by creating disincentives to travel and engage in activities like riding public transportation or going to the movies.”

While no one doubts that bed bug infestations have been a problem in some areas (and for the hotel industry in particular), there seems to be no data showing a national decline in the use of public transportation or theater attendance attributed to bed bugs.

The panel will discuss the medical, financial, and even “emotional” impact of bed bugs to help politicians decide how to spend federal monies on the little monsters.” -Discovery News

I’m not saying I want them in my bed or anything. I’m sure it’s a very annoying problem but… seriously?


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