Trashy Shows = Where it’s at?

Okay. I can’t be an honest blogger without making this admission: I fucking love trashy TV. I have a best friend who, when in town, does nothing but sit on a couch while I cook meals and we watch trashy TV. Whatever. I think it’s fucking hilarious, and one of the most important things to happen in trashy TV in awhile is this:

Oh. My. God. I could care less about who stays and who leaves on the Jersey Shore – I really only need them to get really trashy wasted and have meaningless sex to verify that my life full of student loans and part time mall jobs is valid – but this is fucking awesome. Not only did she leave, but she spent most of the night (and a good ten minutes of the show) hiding in her bed, poking her eyes out from under a blanket, glaring at her room mates while they got ready. This is creepster awesome, right here.

Confidential to Everyone: If you can find a video of just that part of the episode, I will probably have to give you my first born child (if I ever have a first born child).


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