Domestic Bliss?

So we got a stack of home-y women’s-day-esque magazines at work – including Everyday with Rachel Ray – and let me just say, I’m totally into that whole finding domestic bliss thing.

Fall time makes me a nester. The weather gets cold, and all I want are huge blankets and really great curtains on the windows. A clean house, and the smell of cooking food. I’ve taken down a ton of recipes that I want to try – including one for Yorkshire Pudding (which I never have seen before. Who knew it was just a pop over?) – and I plan on working my way through those in my spare time. Last weekend saw me going to number two of the three weddings I have had on the docket for the last half of htis year, so maybe this coming weekend will see me making chestnut soup.

I’ve also started in on a new series of work (in case it was never mentioned in this blog, I’m an art student) based on depicting sentences and phrases in a less than obvious way through a predetermined process. All so far are from In Cold Blood: the first one is about the perfect apple eating weather, and the second piece combines two: one about life being like the breath of a buffalo in winter, and another about a yellow parrot carrying one of the killers away to redemption. Stay tuned.


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