(Delayed) Secondhand Sunday

So I guess I’m just going to get things started in this bia. I wanted, originally, to talk all about my great second hand Sunday, but a lack of stable internet connection, no time, and general exhaustion prevented me from detailing my AMAZING FINDS, scattered over thrift stores and clearance racks of Southeastern Wisconsin.

With about $40, I got:

  • $10 Hi-Top Sneakers (Urban Outfitters Clearance)
  • $10 Silence & Noise Side Zip Sweatshirt (Rethreads)
  • $10 High waisted Satin Skirt (Rethreads)
  • $2 H&M Tie-Front Satin Tank Top (Good Will)
  • $3 White House Black Market Blouse (Good Will)

Ultimate win, right? Not to mention some books I got at Half Priced Books, including In Cold Blood which is making me fall in love with Truman Capote, and a school book that I found for $9. Woot woot woot. I figure a triumph is a great way to get this blog going, and ring in the autumn bells.


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